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  • MaxEnt 92, CNRS, Paris, France, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 93, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 94, Cambridge, England, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 95, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 96, Kruger National Park, South Africa, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 97, Boise Idaho, USA, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 98, Garching, Germany, Proceedings
  • MaxEnt 99, Boise Idaho, USA
  • MaxEnt 2000, CNRS, Paris, France
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    Bretthorst’s FTP site
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    Inst. of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke Univ.
    contains pointers to lots of good statistical stuff
    International Society for Bayesian Analysis
    annual conferences
    Entropy on the World Wide Web
    overview, journals, conferences, research groups, software, …
    Bayesian Model Based Learning Group
    dedicated to the development of basic theory and associated algorithms for various kinds of general data analysis techniques
    The Bayesian Analysis E-Print Archive

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